What does a session look like?

**In keeping with the spirit of these sessions being therapeutic and part of your health and wellness, gratuity is not accepted.  Sharing a review of your experience or referring a friend or loved one my way instead means the world to me!**

Sessions are therapeutic, restorative massage and bodywork tailored to you as an individual.  I carefully customize each session to help your body restore health and encourage natural well-being, while improving quality of life & ease of movement.  We’ll chat for a moment when you arrive to get an idea of how you’re feeling and discuss any specific issues you’re wanting addressed that day.  A mix of massage styles and techniques are integrated based on what your current needs and goals are and how your body is responding at that moment in time.  *Enhancements are included as needed at no additional cost.  

Each session is a full 30/60/90/120 minutes, respectively, of hands on bodywork.  60+ minute sessions conclude with up to 10 minutes of optional rest time on the table, with a weighted blanket and/or eye pillow as preferred.  

*Enhancements: CBD and essential oils, hot towels, Far-Infrared table mat, warm Himalayan salt stones and cold stone therapy, thermal compression therapy, warm Bamboo, massage percussion “gun”, assisted stretching. Book your massage therapy services today!

Integrative Bodywork & Massage Therapy Services

30 minutes
60 minutes
90 minutes
120 minutes

Mon – Sat by appointment only

521 Baldwin St,  Jenison,  MI  49428

Text/Ph: 616-258-6372